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About BLDG

We are a creative refuge that fosters the inspirational, the visionary and the uncommon. Where copious creatives challenge the norm, stand on the ceiling, change what’s possible. Transformation is inevitable, ordinary is unacceptable. Enter the front door. Play on every floor. Leave different. Let’s create.

1st Floor — Gallery

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The first and last impression, the Gallery is the start of interaction and connection to the inspiring. View international art, draw on white boards, or just sit back and people watch, the Gallery is a space for creative exploration. We use this space for brainstorming, exhibitions and everything else that keeps the creative spirit rolling.

Past Shows
  • Cash For Your Warhol
  • Prefab77
  • Soul, Sequins and Solid Gold
  • The London Police
  • 199C

2nd Floor — Design Studio

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The Design Studio is the epicenter of our business. No walls divide the open exchange of ideas, and no such thing as silence. Here copious creatives challenge the norm, inspire brands and transform projects from the conventional to the exceptional.

Design Capabilities
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Innovation
  • Campaigns
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Interiors
  • Packaging
  • Print
  • Video
  • Web

3rd Floor — Print Studio and loft

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The best part about reaching the Loft is feeding off all the creative inspiration from the floors below. Up here, we make noise, draw on walls, pull ink through screens...this is our print studio and workshop. The Loft is a collaborative space where inspiration collides with ideas. It's where artists reside, clients collaborate and art gets made.

Artist Collabs
  • Prefab77
  • The London Police
  • Matt Haber