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FAILE: Around The Corner

October 8, 2014

COVINGTON, KY – BLDG announces FAILE: Around the Corner, a large scale art installation in the City of Covington. October 9 – October 23.

Since its inception in 1999, Brooklyn-based art collective FAILE has garnered global recognition for their pioneering techniques and experimental style in the arena of urban contemporary art. Known for their explorations of duality through a fragmented style of appropriation and collage, their art has been featured on streets and in galleries across the globe.

FAILE will leave their mark in Covington over the next two weeks with a large mural installation that stretches a total of 100 feet wide and up to 60 feet tall. Lesley Amann, partner at BLDG said: ”FAILE is one of the most significant artists in the urban contemporary movement and BLDG is furthering our mission by adding this large scale installation to Covington’s growing collection. This mural puts Covington on a list of cities with New York, Amsterdam, London, Portland and Bethlehem, Palestine. It’s history in the making; one wall at a time!”

Classic FAILE characters and elements along with hints of Kentucky culture come together in a torn collage style mural that will span across two adjacent buildings. FAILE describes their inspiration and interest in bringing their work to Covington: “The mural was inspired by our rip style of painting. Given the opportunity to paint two buildings adjacent to each other we wanted the murals to have a conversation and to connect to one another. We’re honored to have a chance to bring our work to a few large walls in the city and hopefully have a long-term presence to inspire and excite those who have the pleasure of calling Covington home.”

The mural will be installed on the rear walls of Republic Bank and Donna Salyer’s Fabulous Bridal on the corners of 6th Street and Madison Avenue. Swing by to check out the mural in-progress over the next two weeks, and stay tuned for details on a special unveiling that will be hosted by BLDG.

Follow the mural progress: #aroundthecorner on all social media.

Read the full press release here.

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