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BLDG vs. Ivan Crush

March 4, 2014

BLDG proudly announces our newest endeavor in creative collaboration, the BLDG vs. Ivan Crush Print Series. Working together in versus style, two new fine art prints will be screen printed and released in early spring.

See what happens with BLDG takes on Ivan Crush. The versus style utilizes a collaborative process where the composition is designed in stages and passed back and forth between the artists. Exploring uncharted territory, BLDG approached Crush for his colorful take on pop culture and his juxtapositions of collage and classical art. His breadth of styles and contemporary ideas made Crush an intriguing partner for the versus style collaboration.

On the selection of Ivan Crush, BLDG Partner Chris Ritter says, “His use of pop culture references and recognizable brands within his work creates thought-provoking emotional reactions towards what we see as ‘everyday objects.’ This blurs the lines of design and art, something we do on a daily basis at BLDG.” Crush’s work incorporates contemporary brand imagery from Calvin Klein and McDonald’s against historical references like Michelangelo and Roy Lichtenstein. Ritter continues, “we’re excited for this collaboration to see where two artists working together can take each other’s ideas into unique directions. Working with Ivan Crush will be sure to challenge our thinking towards our artistic approach.”

About Ivan Crush:

As with many other artists of his generation, Ivan Crush’s art is shaped by the seductive influence of mass media. His bold and colorful work investigates the enigmatic power of form and color and commentates on contemporary global art and culture. Crush studied Visual Arts in Mexico and went on to exhibit in galleries and cultural spaces in Mexico, England, USA and Brazil.

Read the full release here.

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