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December 19, 2014

Alright, fellow procrastinators, we’ve been waiting until the last minute to do our Christmas shopping, so we decided to give you a sweet deal to get a fantastic BLDG gift for everyone on your list. The screen printed items below will all be 20% off through December 25th by using the promo code NOSLEEPTILCHRISTMAS at checkout.

Here’s our official last minute picks.

For the person you like working with, grab the BLDG vs. Ivan Crush Collaboration

For your uncle that’s a cop get The London Police.

For your Southern-fried friend with greasy fingers, give the Col. Harland Sanders Baggu Duck Bag.

The closet murderer in your life will love our Cleon Peterson print, AND it’ll keep you on their good side. Double win!

For the person looking for something Brazilian, give the Mama Quilla print by Fefe Talavera. It’s way less awkward than gifting a bikini wax.

Every punk-rocker needs a pair of Army Boots.

Chip Wiggles is the clear choice for the one in your life who is really into reindeer games.

And lastly, you can save on postage and get the BLDG Postcards to send to your friends this year instead of Christmas cards.

Good luck shopping and Happy Holidays from BLDG!

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