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Around The Corner

FAILE Artist In Residence

Internationally recognized for their pioneering techniques and experimental style, Brooklyn-based art collective FAILE leaves their mark in Covington with the large mural installation Around The Corner. Featuring FAILE’s signature culture-driven iconography along with hints of Kentucky history, the mural is an epic addition to Covington’s growing collection of inspiring urban contemporary art.

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After securing the rear walls of two adjacent buildings in Covington (Republic Bank and Donna Salyer’s Fabulous Bridal), we invited the artists to town to transform the urban canvas using their torn collage style aesthetic, but in painted form. Completed in only two weeks (and in less than ideal weather), the mural tells a story across the buildings, stretching a total of 100 feet wide and up to 60 feet tall.


Inspired by the duo’s rip style of painting, the mural is layered with classic FAILE characters like a dog catching a masked lady sneaking out into the night and cultural elements like the stock car that ties to Kentucky’s racing history. The mural’s high contrast with bold imagery makes a strong visual connection to pop art and comic book illustrations. And the placement of the mural across the two buildings allows the split images to visually converse with each other through space.


To showcase the project’s success and it’s impact on the City of Covington, we hosted a special unveiling in the parking lot behind the completed mural. Everyone from art lovers to curious creatives and community members came down to celebrate and support our efforts to draw perspective-expanding international artists to the area. The mural also gained exposure for the local business owners (Republic Bank and Donna Salyer’s Fabulous Bridal).


And as part of our goal to infuse fine art into the region's daily life, we documented the installation and delivered daily progression updates for 17 days through various social media outlets. We established the hashtag #aroundthecorner with FAILE and Montana Cans (spray paint), engaging people to stop down, photograph and post the progress. Several local media outlets also followed the story, including The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati Magazine and Scripps.

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