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City of Covington

Brand Activations

If there’s one thing that can always bring people together…it’s food—a common ground, a central experience of “feel goodness.” We partnered with the City of Covington to activate the Food Truck Invasions in an effort to create highly desirable urban experiences for the workers, residents and visitors of the city.

Broadening the reach to urban professionals and successfully promoting local businesses are just the beginning of how this high-impact event would transform the perception of the city. We also saw an opportunity to present the city as a prime destination for art, culture and entertainment.

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Event Promotion

Concert-style screen printed posters and social networking were employed to give the event a grass roots character.


This event marked the first time local food trucks were able to set up for a weekday lunch within the city limits of Covington, signifying the positive energy and change happening in the city.


There was an overwhelming level of participation by urban workers and Covington city residents and a surprisingly large draw of young suburban families. Cincinnatians were also spotted crossing the Roebling Bridge to grab some local street eats.

The end result was not only well received, but also highly repeatable.

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