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Brand Identity

CROWN stands for the Cincinnati Riding Or Walking Network. It’s a vision for a 104 mile active transportation network connected by a 30 mile separated trail loop around Cincinnati’s urban core. Once completed, CROWN will make active transportation options easy, accessible and convenient, with longterm goals of improving public health, protecting the environment and promoting social equity. We were challenged with creating an identity and visual story to rally the city behind this vision to revolutionize the way people move around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

The name needed to be symbolic of the leadership and sense of community in our city while clearly defining what they’re trying to build and why. So we created a name that is simple and transparent but also connects emotionally to the people who call Cincinnati home.

Playing up the idea of helping more people get to more places, we created an identity that promotes CROWN as a catalyst for building an active living culture in the Queen City. An actual crown is shaped out of people in motion, directional cues and other elements that speak to connectivity and accessibility that CROWN promises as part of transforming our transportation.

We designed a pocket map that provides a detailed view of the completed CROWN and outlines some important facts and highlights for how to get involved. We also created variety of branded collateral, signage and swag including stickers, pavement stencils, yard signs and wearables.

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