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LIVESTRONG 2012 Annual Report

Annual Report

For the last 15 years, the LIVESTRONG Foundation has made the lives of people affected by cancer their priority, fighting with them to overcome the odds, the expectations and the disease. We were selected to create the organization’s 2012 annual report which would be used to showcase their impact and efforts in a new way.

Partnering with local advertising agency Proclamation, we designed an annual report that visually communicates the layered experience of having cancer. The visual story we created captures the emotional journey from diagnosis to treatment to friends and family support and LIVESTRONG‘s assistance.

Varied textures and patterns layered with complex questions and medical jargon signify the support as well as the uncertainties present throughout an experience that is often overwhelming.

The wash of yellow evokes a sense of optimism and connects to LIVESTRONG and their mission to instill strength, hope and guidance to both cancer patients and survivors.

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Handmade Covers

To elevate our visual inspiration in the report, we hand-pulled six-color screen prints used as covers for 900 copies.

Annual Report Book

The annual report was mailed to LIVESTRONG stakeholders, followers and interested parties including the President of the United States


We also developed a responsive website to translate the visual concept into the digital space, including videos that were specifically created for the report.

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