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Brand Identity & Interior Design

If there’s one food that’s packed with handcrafted quality and nostalgia, it’s meatballs. Whether it’s an old family recipe, cultural twist or veggie-packed variety, this comfort food favorite has emerged as a culinary art form that speaks of quality done by hand. This is the essence of Packhouse, a no-frills, full-service hangout and hashery with house-ground, hand-packed creations and quality that translates from lunch through late-night.

We created an identity that plays up the restaurant’s industrial, blue-collar vibe and sets the stage for a laid-back yet lively atmosphere. To capture their emphasis on quality eats, drinks and conversation, we developed a name that communicates craftsmanship and also evokes a sense of camaraderie.

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The typography was inspired by hand-lettering painted on the walls of factories and warehouses, blending classic old-style with an eclectic feel.


In addition to designing print materials and the website, we also brought the identity to life through interior design. We hand-painted table numbers and a large-scale mural along the wall, and also customized the lighting fixtures to create the social, communal setting. The branded icons painted on the floor and neon sign bring out the brand’s character while chairs covered in embroidered name patches serve as symbols of the daily grind.

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