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The Gruff

Brand Identity & Interior Design

Once upon a time, three billy goats wanted to cross the bridge over to greener pastures so they could eat and get fat. But before they could eat happily ever after, they had to trip, trap, trip, trap passed the evil troll that dwells beneath the bridge. These three billy goats and their story live on at The Gruff, a pizza, deli and gourmet grocery that represents the greener side of the bridge, serving up all the freshness and quality we crave.

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Inspired by the three billy goats and this tale of hunger, ambition and creativity, we created a name for the restaurant that marks an end to their quest where they’ve found a happier home and all good food dreams come true. The identity symbolizes the next chapter of the tale, communicating fresh in a way that appeals to everyone from foodies to families and fans of local fare.


The typography was inspired by classic children’s storybooks giving everything from the menu to the atmosphere a casual, whimsical feel. Patterns are an interpretation of lush green grass while various icons represent the freshness, quality and convenience at the restaurant’s core.


We designed and installed various murals across the restaurant’s interior and exterior that bring our version of a classic tale to life. To showcase the three billy goats as they thrive on the greener side, we also created 3D wall art complete with faux sod panels that are displayed behind the bar.

Interior Design

This visual story makes the space open, inviting, and sets the stage for quality eats, drinks and good times...even the evil troll pops in here and there to see what the three billy goats are up to.

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