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The Second Coming

The London Police Artist In Residence

Globally renowned and recognized for their iconic LADS characters and precision marking, British art collective The London Police (TLP) returned to Covington for our newest collaboration The Second Coming. During their two-week stay, TLP transformed Covington into a canvas for public art, where a contemporary urban spin collides with the city’s artistic and architectural heritage.

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The Process

We secured multiple locations around the city where they would paint different pieces, creating a walking trail of art throughout the community. This not only engaged the people and visitors of Covington, but it also brought a renewed visibility to local businesses and some of the unique places around the city.

The Works

The Second Coming includes two new large-scale murals—one at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and the other at Cork ‘N Bottle—and nine individual LADS who “escaped” to explore the city on their own terms.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

We also sent fans on a scavenger hunt to win free exclusive prints, providing clues to where they were hidden via social media.

The Second Coming Launch Party

As a way to honor our guests and showcase the project’s success, we hosted a celebratory launch party and map reveal. Between unveiling the locations of the public art and the special performance by the TLP Dog Singers, it was the perfect way to wrap up another TLP visit.

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