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BLDG Expands Design and Print Competency

April 30, 2015

FORGING A NEW PATH, BLDG EXPANDS DESIGN AND PRINT COMPETENCY WITH CRYPTOGRAM Covington, KY - BLDG Refuge, LLC, a Covington-based boutique branding and design firm, joins forces with de...

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Red Feather

February 14, 2014

Before the rise of steamboat travel, river trade was a physically-strenuous and time-consuming endeavor taken on by tough, hardworking drinkers and brawlers. Legend has it that a red feat...

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BLDG featured on FPO

November 18, 2013

Our work on the 2012 LIVESTRONG Annual Report has been featured this morning on FPO, the premier blog dedicated to the visual stimulus and the detailing of the development and production ...

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May 17, 2013

According to the Italian concept of malfatti—translated into English as “poorly made”—there lies an ideal simplicity in straightforward dishes made from the highest quality ingredients. S...

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May 15, 2013

Serving up a menu that goes beyond the Mexican border, Currito infuses tastes and flavors from all over the world into their one-of-a-kind burritos. But to prove that not all burritos are...

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City of Covington

May 12, 2013

If there’s one thing that can always bring people’s food—a common ground, a central experience of “feel goodness.” We partnered with the City of Covington to activate the Fo...

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Turkey Hill Process Video

August 19, 2010

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Matt Haber Sneak Peek

May 20, 2010

The pieces and images for Matt Haber’s upcoming show are starting to trickle in. It is going to be a pretty amazing show. Mark your calendars for June 25th. Here is a little taste:

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