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The Second Coming Media Roundup

August 20, 2013

In the past week, BLDG has been blown away with the amount of press coverage we’ve been getting from The Second Coming. It’s exciting to see how the region has embraced The London Police and the public art they’ve been creating since they’ve came to Covington. Here’s some of the great coverage we’ve been receiving:

Urban Vinyl Daily has been covering The Second Coming since the initial press release. They also travelled down to cover the party and the Cork ‘N Bottle mural painting.

Local12 was the first local news broadcast to break the story. They also covered the CVG airport mural. We’d also like to give a special thanks to Local12 for being kind enough to let us use their news van to light up the Cork ‘N Bottle wall so we could work into the night.

The Cincinnati Enquirer did an interview as we were finishing up the mural on the Covington AEC Building and covered the airport mural.

WVXU gave us double coverage with an article and came to BLDG to interview Chris Ritter and The London Police.

WLWT came by the airport to do a story and interviewed some travellers as they experienced the live drawing (see video below) and WCPO interviewed the team while at CVG.

Stay tuned for any final announcements on the project.

EDIT: It appears we left out a couple of outlets that covered The Second Coming. City Beat chose our event as a Visual Arts To Do and Soapbox Media is currently featuring The London Police on their homepage.

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