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VisitLEX Announces Name Change and New Brand

December 4, 2013

The Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau has officially announced their name change and brand update, designed right here at BLDG. Our case study can be seen here. Official release below.

Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau changes name to VisitLEX
Popular Big Lex Logo to incorporate new name

The Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau is pleased to announce a new name, VisitLEX, and an updated logo, effective January 1, 2014. The vision of VisitLEX remains the same: to serve as an invaluable resource to visitors, the community, and partners as one of the nation’s premier destination marketing and service organization.

The new name and logo represent the history and tradition of Lexington and allows new opportunities to share the diversity, confidence, prosperity, and all-embracing attitude of our growing community. The new logo is comprised of two elements: VISITLEX, reminiscent of the brass name plates used on horse halters, and the Edward Troye portrait of the horse Lexington, converted to blue and trademarked by the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau. “These elements represent pride, value of tradition, and our rich culture. Blue is a powerful color and expression for Kentucky and Lexington, and continues to give our brand instant recognition”, said Jim Browder, President of VisitLEX.

Lexington has long been known for producing champion racehorses and hand-crafted quality bourbon. Countless travelers have visited the Bluegrass Region to explore these two intriguing industries and the time-honored traditions they represent. Horses will always remain vital to the Lexington tourism product and our trademarked Big Lex Portrait will serve as ongoing inspiration for VisitLEX. Our exciting new businesses, top notch independently owned restaurants, and a thriving, eclectic arts scene make Lexington appealing to a wide array of visitors.

“We began working with brand experts BLDG over the summer, asking them to assist us with refreshing our logo, our brand, and our name. We are thrilled with their work and are excited to launch our expanded brand identifying Lexington as a peerless and magnetic destination. We will begin transitioning in January with the process continuing throughout the year,” said Jim Browder.

Chris Ritter, partner at BLDG said: “Lexington is the centerpiece of the Bluegrass Region and was in the perfect position to further define who they were as a brand. As an outside entity, we were able to provide a fresh perspective on what makes the city a great destination. The project carefully evolved the equity of the existing brand as we created a full identity package for VisitLEX that capitalizes on the unique experience it offers visitors. The new identity gives VisitLEX an eclectic personality with refined, modern appeal and gives the brand vision for the future.”

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